WV Legislators Want to Subsidize Businesses that Pay Low Wages!

If you don’t like your tax money being used to help low income earners, then you should support raising the minimum wage. Raising the minimum wage results in raises for most everyone and would result in fewer full time working people having to rely on government assistance to survive. Yet a bill sponsored by House Democrats to raise the minimum wage in WV $.75/year until it reaches $12/hour went nowhere after being assigned to business friendly committees.

The fact is, businesses that pay minimum wage benefit from having their bottom line subsidized by not paying employees enough to buy food, pay rent, and pay for health insurance. When the government has to pay benefits to those employees just to help them survive, we all pick up the tab. This is welfare on behalf of corporations!

In 2020, we need to elect legislators who will stand by the people who elected them over the businesses that want the government to subsidize their workers so they can maximize profits.