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WV Education Bill was Omnibus…and Ominous!

The WV Senate, led by Republican Mitch Carmichael, passed a Frankenstein of an education bill by refusing to allow committees to hold hearings and simply forcing a vote of the full Senate. This patchwork bill would fulfill every imaginable wish list for so-called “education reformers” who want to rob public schools and give our tax dollars to private schools, home schoolers, and charters. In order to attempt to win over teachers, they threw in a 5% raise they could only keep if no other part of the legislation is thrown out in court!

Just who did these legislators think they are working for? Not the people of WV. The House of Delegates threw out some of the worst parts of the bill, but then Senate and House leaders put Frankenstein back together with dead and rotting ideas taken from the graveyard of right wing think tanks. It stinks, and teachers knew that, so they called a strike. They stood up for us, our schools, and our kids. Show them your support, find out how your Senator voted and let them know how you feel about public education.