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Will they listen or is this just for show?

The WV Department of Education has started a series of forums on education “betterment.” With a special session on education on the horizon, these forums should be a valuable opportunity for our state’s parents, teachers and community members to advocate for their local schools, and provide input onto what types of reform would actually help the majority of our states’ kids.

The plan is for the Department of Education to compile a report on these forums and present it to the governor and members of the legislature. This report should reflect the will of the people. Then it’s up to our elected officials to come up with a plan to “better” our public school system based on this input. 

Only time will tell if they’ll choose to follow the will of the people or the out-of-state special interests that tried to push dangerous education programs on our state during the regular session. While legislators have been attending these forums, they attended the PEIA Public Hearings earlier this year, and in the end the feedback from those forums went largely unheard.