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Why is Our WV Attorney General Trying to Take Away Our Healthcare?

If the WV Attorney General has his way more West Virginians will suffer and die. Patrick Morrisey has signed our whole state on in support of the Texas vs United States lawsuit which seeks to declare the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional. 


The Northern District Federal Court in Texas has ruled in favor of this contorted lawsuit. This poison pill lawsuit is eventually heading for the Republican-packed US Supreme Court, which has a different make-up than the one which originally upheld the ACA during president Obama’s term. 

The whole nation should be concerned about this threat to our healthcare, but especially we West Virginians.

Studies have shown that sick people without health insurance tend to put off going for treatment. As a result, they, get sicker and die quicker. This is especially true for folks already living paycheck to paycheck. 

In West Virginia, around 160,000 people now have access to healthcare just from the ACA’s Medicaid expansion. If the ACA goes away so does their health coverage.

Why is Morrisey doing this? To make a political point? To fulfill a campaign promise? 

Morrrisey’s lawsuit will make our state economy sicker, too. Rural hospitals which rely on Medicaid dollars to stay afloat will see an increase in uncompensated care and many could close with loss of precious jobs in our rural economies.

It’s a deadly public policy to kill off the Affordable Care Act with nothing to replace it. Sure its not perfect. But let's not ‘throw the baby out with the bathwater.' We should fix what’s not working with ACA and continue moving toward universal coverage for everyone in the state and nation.

After all, healthcare is a human right, not a marketplace commodity.

Citizens who think that our great state should not be signed onto the Texas vs US court effort to kill the ACA should let Morrisey know how they feel. His office number is 304-558-2021. Our Attorney General is up for reelection next year. Voters should remember this next November.

NOTE: A fuller version of this piece was printed in the Charleston GazetteMail on July 7, 2019. Read the whole thing here.
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