Why Is Mitch Carmichael Betraying Our Teachers, Our Kids, and Our Communities' Schools? - Always Free WV

Why Is Mitch Carmichael Betraying Our Teachers, Our Kids, and Our Communities' Schools?

In West Virginia, family is community and community is family. West Virginians are known for their neighborliness, and taking care of each other is a value that has made West Virginia what it is for centuries. Our schools are a huge part of that. And as our communities shrink because of the burdens of job instability, drug addiction, and lack of health care, our schools are becoming more central to holding communities and families together.

But leaders in Charleston are betraying us and our schools. They are rushing through a huge bill that undermines our teachers, our schools, and our communities. Our schools are where kids go to learn, and - for many of our kids - where they can get food, the help of a caring adult, a warm coat, and medical help. But the Senate Omnibus Education Bill would tear all of that apart by giving our tax dollars to private schools, stripping labor protections from our teachers, and blocking community investment in schools. So many communities in West Virginia are struggling, but the schools are still there, providing a solid foundation for our families. Our schools are the hub of every community in West Virginia; we need to build them up, not tear them down. Without the teachers and schools that strengthen our communities, our children will have even less reason to remain in WV as adults.

Like we did during last year's teacher's strike, West Virginians are again going to have to show our political leaders once again what it means to be loyal to our children, our schools and our communities. What's it going to take for political leaders in Charleston get the message.

Show your loyalty to our communities, families and children who depend on West Virginia's public schools! Please sign this petition