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Why is Mac Warner afraid to make it easier for citizens to vote?

As the state's top election officer, Secretary of State Mac Warner should be implementing West Virginia’s new law that makes it easier for people to register to vote. Instead, he’s dragging his feet.

But he is breaking his promise to uphold the law and disrespecting the authority of West Virginia law and the state Legislature by delaying implementation of a “motor voter” law to automatically register people to vote when they get a driver’s license. He is dead wrong to describe the law as “practically unnecessary."

Why does Warner oppose a legislative mandate that cuts red tape for citizens trying to exercise their civic responsibility to vote?

Could it be because he is following orders from out-of-state, corporate-funded special interest groups that have a vested interest in limiting people’s access to the polls?

Across the country, right-wing elected officials like Warner, backed by the Koch Brothers-funded Americans for Prosperity and industry PACs, are advancing dozens of laws to limit the vote.  They are using model legislation promoted by the ultra-conservative American Legislative Exchange (ALEC), also funded by Koch and a who’s who of corporate America. 

We need to make our voices heard, because when we don’t, their voices are the only ones some legislators hear.

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