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Why Aren’t We Listening To The Experts?

Nearly everyone involved in West Virginia’s public education system has been united against Mitch Carmichael and Patricia Rucker’s Education Omnibus Bill. Both the teachers and school service workers who work day in and day out to keep our schools open and operating and the state school board who oversees the statewide operation of the system, agree that this bill is a danger to the system’s ability to properly educate children across the mountain state.

While our schools have issues to address, taking money away from them to fund private schools that would have less regulation and would help fewer students isn’t the way to fix their problems.

Since everyone who actually works with or in the WV public school system is opposed to this bill, one has to wonder, where is support for these ideas coming from? Certainly not out of loyalty to West Virginia’s children, families, or educators.

To read more about the State School Board’s stand against this bill, read this column from the Daily Mail WV.

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