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Why Are Our Public Schools Under Attack?

David Perry, president of the West Virginia Board of Education had strong words recently about attacks on public education in the state: “I am dumbfounded why business leaders within our state think it is productive to attack public education in order to push a political agenda that benefits the private sector and is fueled by outside interest groups.” 

Why, indeed, does the W.Va. Chamber of Commerce push sending our tax dollars to private and parochial schools? Why are they ‘cooking the numbers’ to tell a slanted story that our schools are failing when they’re actually in about the middle-of-the-pack compared to the whole country?

Could it be because they’ve sold out to the out-of-state special interests that just see our state as an easy mark, a pushover to privatize our schools for profit?

Sure, our schools and teachers need more resources and support to do a better job teaching our children to become productive citizens. But draining tax dollars off to experimental Charter Schools with no defined curriculum, no standards for teachers or oversight by local school boards is not going to improve our national ranking.

We need to slow down this rush to get West Virginia to jump on the charter school bandwagon. Other states are finally figuring out charters have been a costly experiment with mixed results at best. At worst, they have wasted millions of educational dollars.

Our Senate leadership has just voted again to ram charters through the special legislative session. Now the House of Delegates must do what they did during their regular session.

Kill the bill!

Call your local delegates before they meet on June 17 and tell them to ‘just say no’ to charter schools in West Virginia.

Our kids deserve a good public education with certified teachers and local school board oversight. They should not be used by out-of-state corporations looking to make a fast buck by opening charter schools with our tax dollars.

IMAGE: Element5 Digital, unsplash.com