Why are Lawmakers threatening our health with roll back of water standards? - Always Free WV

Why are Lawmakers threatening our health with roll back of water standards?

Trump’s EPA isn’t known for restrictive regulations, but even its rules too much for the polluters who pull the strings at the WV Legislature. The WV Senate just passed a bill that ignores 60 chemicals that EPA says should be tested for in our water.

These rules haven’t been updated since the 1980s. Medicine and Science have come so far since the 1980s. We know so much more about what we should and shouldn't be putting into our water (not to mention our bodies). As science has progressed, experts have suggested much needed changes to our Water Quality regulations. Yet, instead of listening to scientists and citizens who want to modernize our water standards, our legislators are listening more to one or two manufacturers would would benefit from these lax water standards.

With cancer causing pollution still coming out of water taps in Parkersburg, and the 2014 Water Crisis just a whiff of licorice away in the memories of West Virginians in Charleston and the surrounding areas, Senate & House leaders should be doing their job to protect West Virginia’s water instead of the profits of polluters. It seems the leadership’s loyalty is to campaign donors, not us!

Don’t let the pollution lobby get away with this hustle! SB167 can still be fixed in the House of Delegates. Sign our petition here, and call your local Delegate and and Judiciary Chair Shott at (304) 340-3252 and tell them to protect our water by putting the list of 60 chemicals back in the bill.