When Will Big Polluters Be Satisfied with The Amount of Chemicals They Can Dump in Our Water?

West Virginians are strong, but we shouldn’t have to deal with slow poisoning by chemicals in our drinking water. One in every six West Virginian's lives were disrupted when Freedom Industries’ MCHM leaked into their drinking water. Cancers and deformities were proven in court to be the result of C-8 chemical dumping in Parkersburg. This should be a pretty easy way for our leaders to prove their loyalty to their constituents.

Why then are our elected officials kowtowing to the pollution lobby by blocking our WV DEP’s rule to add more protections to our water?

State lawmakers already weakened pollution standards last year and again the polluters are back asking for license to put even more chemicals into our streams and rivers. When will it be enough? When will West Virginia families and communities all have water they can trust to drink and use?

Call your lawmakers and tell them to put back the chemicals they dropped off the monitoring list so our WV-DEP can better do its job protecting our water.