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What would you do with an extra $1,800 ?

It’s no secret that money plays a huge role in WV Politics. Look at the steam coal severance tax cut our legislature passed earlier this year. The coal companies pushing for those tax cuts were owned by some of the same men who contributed millions to the various campaigns and PACs that got our current leaders elected. It’s clear that their campaign contributions got them something in return.

And now, the legislature has passed a bill that would give these wealthy campaign donors even more power over our leaders by allowing them (and their PACs) to donate more than twice as much as current law allows. SB 266 would raise the maximum individual and PAC contribution to candidates in state races from $1,000 to $2,800. This gives the coal companies an even bigger carrot to dangle in front of our leaders when they should be focused on protecting everyday WVians who simply can’t afford to donate almost three grand to every candidate they support.

There’s still a chance to stop this bill which gives wealthy donors even more power. Governor Justice could veto SB 266. Call Justice now at 304.558.2000 and tell him to veto SB 622.