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West Virginians Stood Together and Prevented Disastrous Bills!

What can we learn from this year’s legislative session? One important lesson is that when citizens band together in large numbers, descend on the Capitol, and make their voices heard directly by legislators, it can affect their votes. 

In two instances, legislation that was favored by leadership but invoked strong reaction from those who would be affected was stopped in its tracks by citizens utilizing their sacred right to voice their opinions. Leaders, loyal to an ideology developed in Washington think tanks, try to divide us by proposing legislation that isn’t right for WV, like charter schools and education saving accounts that would take money from our community schools and put it in the hands of wealthy elites who want to experiment with our children’s futures. They wanted to tell the teachers and administrators of our universities where on their campus they must allow people to carry weapons, rather than allow them to devise their own solutions to security for their students.

Thank goodness so many educators and students were willing to make the trip to Charleston to defend their students and schools from these government power grabs like the so-called education reform bill. Students, professors, administrators and university security personnel joined together to make their presence felt and stop the “campus carry” bill.  Thank goodness we still have legislators who will listen when their constituents speak loud and clear!