West Virginia Teachers Care about their Students and Schools

Carol Amos and Linda Morgan could have done a lot of things during their retirement to celebrate their many years of service; instead, they decided to honor the history of Fairmont Senior High School by writing a book about it for future generations. This serves as more evidence of West Virginia teachers doing more than asked for the kids of West Virginia.

This past legislative session, teachers risked their jobs (again) to protest a bill that would have hurt kids, even though it would have meant a 5% pay raise for them . The success of West Virginia depends on the success of our kids. Let’s give them what they deserve: excellent schools with teachers who don’t have to leave WV to make a decent wage.

When the Governor calls the legislature into an education-focused special session this summer, let’s remember the loyalty and sacrifice of our kids’ teachers and have their backs (like they had ours) by calling for clean legislation that fixes PEIA and raises teacher pay.