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We need more working people representing us

When working mom Amanda Estep-Burton decided to run for the state legislature, she was unsure if she would be able to keep her job if she won.

Running for office is a tough thing to do for most people, but it's nearly impossible for someone who has to work full-time to support her family. So, Amanda's decision to run while working full-time was courageous for many reasons. After winning, her fears were realized when her employer asked for her resignation, but a state law protected her from being forced out of her job, and it protected the working people of West Virginia from losing a citizen representative.

We need more working people representing us, not fewer. Here's to Amanda's success and the law that ensures employers stay loyal to good, hard-working employees who want to serve West Virginia.

For more about Amanda’s fight to be free to serve, check out this piece from the Charleston Gazette.