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Time to stop abusing West Virginians’ generosity

The government shutdown has been a reminder about how West Virginians face crisis by banding together to take care of each other and their communities. Take the government employees in Martinsburg who’ve spent their days volunteering for Meals on Wheels, while not getting paychecks to feed their own families. Or the farmer from Mason County who’s paying out of her pocket to deliver food to low-income seniors, even though her husband is furloughed and the funding for her delivery program has been frozen.

But Senator Capito’s support of the shutdown is disloyal to the West Virginian spirit of community and survival.  It has placed countless vulnerable people in harm’s way, including women seeking shelter from domestic violence, thousands of kids who depend on SNAP benefits, and people working to rebuild homes destroyed by floods.  It puts too much of a burden on West Virginians who have already done so much to support each other through hard times, and now have to do even more.

It’s time to end the shutdown and start focusing on the real issues -- fair wages, healthcare, and the gap between rich and poor within our country.  It’s time to stop abusing West Virginia’s generosity and time to start talking about a fair shake for our people.