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There Is No Magical Money Tree

West Virginians know, better than anyone, that money doesn't grow on trees. Last year, we kept hearing that there was no money for pay raises or PEIA, and only after standing in the cold rain for days did the teachers convince the legislature and the governor to find the money to pay for modest raises.

So, if WV can't afford to fully fund public schools, how can WV afford the charter schools proposed in the education omnibus bill? When Cleveland, Ohio started a voucher program, no less than half of the $2.7 million budget paid for taxicab rides to school because school buses were already stretched to capacity. So, the public was on the hook, paying for taxis to take kids to privately-run schools because the Ohio legislature decided to spend taxpayer dollars on an experiment, rather than being loyal to kids and communities and improving public schools.

If there's money to pay for charter schools, there is money for the public schools we have spent centuries building. Let's make our kids, our teachers, our bus drivers, and our school service personnel our top priority by supporting our public schools. If you want to show your support for your kids' school, call your legislators and tell them you want them to vote no on the omnibus bill.

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