The Epic Failure of Charter Schools in Louisiana – Let’s Not Make Same Mistake in WV

Hurricane Katrina was bad enough.  But after the Hurricane, Louisiana had a second man-made disaster. Millions in state and federal tax dollars were wasted on failed charter schools, many of which never even opened after receiving hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars. Let's avoid the same disaster in West Virginia.

Horror stories of schools never opening, closing in the middle of the year, or housing students in unsafe buildings, come not just from Louisiana. They’re rampant in every state that pours its public education dollars down the charter school drain.

So, why are so many Mountain State lawmakers determined to push West Virginia into this mess? Surely they’re not listening to the thousands of citizens and educators who voiced support for genuine, research-based public education reforms at town halls and on-line after the last teachers’ strike.

If they’re not listening to the voters they allegedly represent, are they listening to their out of state “handlers” who fund their campaigns?

West Virginia citizens deserve better and should elect senators and delegates in 2020 who will listen to them—and not out of state donors and Super PACs.

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