Teachers and school personnel sacrifice as Putnam Superintendent throws them (and students) Under the Bus!

When out-of-state lobbyists pushed West Virginia legislators to introduce legislation to tear apart WV public schools, our teachers and school personnel stood up for our kids once again by quickly calling for a strike to stop the damaging legislation. Fifty-four superintendents agreed with teachers that schools should close and students stay safely at home while teachers and service personnel expressed outrage toward the Omnibus Bill they believe will hurt WV schools and students.

Only Putnam County kids were left to fend for themselves because the Superintendent refused to cancel school.

And the Superintendent’s poor decision has continuing effects. Teachers and school personnel won’t get paid for doing what’s right. And because schools were technically open, the Superintendent may decide that the students should bear the brunt of not being in school by not ensuring that students get their 180 days of instructional time.

Those students definitely learned from the experience of seeing their teachers and school personnel stand up for them, but the Superintendent failed to do what he could to ensure that students get their required education this year. And that leaves us to question: whose interests was the Superintendent serving?


Help out the Putnam County School Support employees who held the line at www.wvstrikesupport.com.