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Teacher’s Strike, Round Three?

Why does the leader of the WV Senate keep pushing education reforms that serve only a few and take money away from our public schools? That isn’t the education reform most people want. Do they really want another teacher strike?

As the education reform town halls wind down, Senate President, Mitch Carmichael (R-Jackson) attended the Winfield meeting and said he plans to again push creating charter schools and education savings accounts (ESA) in a special session ordered by Gov. Jim Justice. ESAs provide parents our tax dollars to send their kids to private and religious schools, home-school them, or other experimental alternatives.

After all the input over the past months from parents, teachers and citizens at these town halls, one would think that Mitch would have finally gotten the message—lay off on pushing charter schools!

Who is Carmichael  representing, other than ultra-conservative Washington think tanks? Surely it’s not the vast majority of school kids, parents and teachers who have already gone on strike twice to keep him in line.

If he thinks waiting until school is out to push through charter schools and Education Savings Accounts will work, he’s going to be surprised to see hundreds of us back in the halls of the state Capitol opposing his Koch Brothers agenda yet again.

We need to elect leadership in the WV statehouse who will do what’s best for students and teachers, not push the agendas of their out of state fat-cat campaign donors!