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Take This Teacher’s Parting Words To Heart, West Virginia

Former West Virginia school teacher Sarah Krause is leaving the state to find work in a more teacher-friendly state. Her recent Charleston Gazette-Mail column should be read by every state legislator.

Krause ended her column with a line that should capture the attention of anyone concerned about improving and sustaining the quality of teaching in the state: “I am a damn good teacher, and I am leaving West Virginia.”

In her column, Krause identifies the manner in which state legislators have harmed our schools and the children who attend them by their endless politicking:

This is no longer about the children, and I’m not sure anymore that it ever was. The majority of the Republican Party in the Senate, especially, seem hell-bent on tearing down education in this state for the sake of tearing down its educators.

Krause sounds what amounts to an air-raid siren to direct people’s attention to a crisis:

Education is not and should not be a partisan issue, but it has become one. And adults are playing with the futures of children who have been given no agency in this matter. Until the rift is mended and the adults in the situation decide to set aside differences (and out-of-state parties that should not be considered stakeholders) and work together, conditions in West Virginia will continue to degrade.

Voters should pay heed to those legislators who are hurting, not bettering, the education of future generations—and expel them from harming the state’s schools further.

IMAGE: NeONBRAND from unsplash.com