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Take Me (To My New) Home, Country Roads

Huntington, Morgantown, and Charleston extend a West Virginia Welcome to all their residents. The effort could help them attract more people to move in.

Group of four people stands looking over mountain edge at golden hour with their arms around each other. from unsplash- Helena Lopes

West Virginians know what a beautiful, hidden gem our state is. And while some want our gem to remain hidden, most do not want West Virginia to suffer because of a lack of population.

For years, population numbers have been steadily dropping, so much so that the upcoming census is expected to drop the number of Congressional members representing West Virginia in Washington, D.C.from three to two. The good news is that the trend can be reversed, and Huntington, Charleston, and Morgantown are leading the way by prioritizing fairness and equality.

The Human Rights Campaign recently recognized Charleston for upping its Municipal Equality Index by twenty-six points in 2019, and gave Huntington a perfect MEI score of 100. Morgantown rounded out the top three with 75 points. These indexes measure, in part, how welcoming a community is to people in disadvantaged communities such as the LGBTQ community. Charleston has lengthened its welcome mat and Huntington’s is already large.

The more communities that follow suit, the more attractive West Virginia will be to future residents.