Some State Legislators Fought to Allow Citizen Voices in Education Debate

Lately, leadership at the legislature is ramming legislation down our throats without public input – for example, by bundling together the many provisions of the Education omnibus bill so individual pieces are difficult to debate.  Thank goodness for folks like Delegates Sean Hornbuckle and Amanda Estep-Burton who supported amendments forcing legislators to hear the voices of real working people.

Last week, House leadership scheduled a hearing on the infamous Education omnibus bill for 8 am. on a Monday, just as teachers would be starting their school day.  Delegate Sean Hornbuckle and others suggested moving the hearing to 5:30 p,m., when school personnel would be able to participate. The hearings were held at both times, and as a result, combined attendance grew at both hearings, resulting in a more moderate education bill from the House than from the Senate.

We’re grateful that some of our leaders are willing to stand up for the rights of teachers and students, instead of letting us get swept out of the way by the moneyed private school lobby.