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Senate Leader Says He Supports Miners, Then Let’s Black Lung Fund Go Bankrupt

If Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) cared about coal miners suffering from black lung disease, why is he letting the fund which pays their medical expenses go bankrupt? And why isn't WV Sen. Shelly Moore Capito speaking up?

Where there is coal mining, there is black lung disease.  McConnell, from the coal mining state of Kentucky, should know how much this medical coverage means to miners who suffer from this fatal and incurable disease. He has stated his support for miners in his state many times, but when it comes to doing what’s right for miners or doing the bidding of the coal bosses, the miners come up short.

The powerful senator let the Black Lung Disability Trust Fund revenue be cut in half at the end of last year. As a result, the fund, already $4 billion in debt, will fall further in debt or simply fail to cover miner’s needs. McConnell’s efforts to save coal barons’ profits at the expense of sick coal miners is disgusting.

Where has WV Senator Shelly Moore Capito been on this? Why hasn’t she taken a stand with her party leaders to keep the Black Lung Fund afloat? 

Where is her loyalty? With her party leaders or with our sick miners? Why do sick miners continue to have to fill busses for Washington DC to plead for their fund to be made whole? Our state and nation owes them that much and more for the sacrifice they’ve made for us. 

Call Senator Capito now at 202-224-6472 and tell her to keep pressuring her Republican party leaders to do the right thing for our miners and secure funding for the Black Lung Fund.

LINK: Miners hit Capitol for black lung funding