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Please Sign Our Petition to Protect WV's Water

Despite great advances in Science & Medicine in the past 3 decades, our state’s rules regarding human health criteria in water-quality rules have remained unchanged since the 1980s. The DEP has suggested updates to these rules, but our leaders are folding to pressure from the very manufacturers who are putting these pollutants into our states water. Please sign this petition below to ask our leaders to remember who their true constituents are and to not put big business over their constituents health.

To The Honorable Members of the WV House of Delegates

We the undersigned ask you to restore the full list of pollutants recommended by the DEP to Senate Bill 163, and to pass the bill with all pollutants included. These pollutants include known toxins that put the health of West Virginians at risk. We understand that you are receiving pressure from the polluter lobby, but we, the citizens of West Virginia are your true constituents and we ask that you not put their profits over our health.

The Undersigned

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