Secretary of State's Incompetence Costs WV Taxpayers $3 Million

The final price tag on Secretary of State Mac Warner's political firings was revealed last week and it is staggering. The political stunt will cost the state $3.2 million, or "108.2 "Loughry couches" if you are counting at home" as the Charleston Gazette puts it.

After being elected in 2016, Warner fired most of the registered Democrats who worked in the Secretary of State's office. Many of these career civil service workers had worked admirably in the office for decades for both Republican and Democratic administrations.

With a Governor who won't pay his taxes, a disgraced Supreme Court, and now this, when will West Virginians wisen up and throw these bums out of office? In 2020, West Virginia needs to elect candidates who will bring accountability back to our state government.