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Please Sign our Petition to Keep WV’s Judicial System Fair For The People

Senate Leadership is pushing for an intermediate court of appeals between our circuit court system and the WV State Supreme Court. It's a pretty clear case of privileging businesses over people, and would spend unnecessary tax dollars to add extra red tape in the judicial system. This would make it harder for individuals to get justice in cases like personal injury. This system would add another 4.3 million to the states budget just in year one, and 3.36 million a year every year going forward. Please sign our petition below to let our leaders know you oppose this additional layer of bureaucracy in our judicial system.

To The Honorable Members of the WV House of Delegates

We the undersigned ask you to vote against SB 266 and any bill creating an intermediate court of appeals in the state of West Virginia. Such a court would add millions of dollars in unnecessary bureaucracy to our judicial system, and give large corporations with in house legal teams advantages over small West Virginia businesses and regular citizens. Please stand up for the citizens and small businesses of this great state and protect our rights in the legal system.

The Undersigned

Will you sign?