Putnam Bus Drivers Supported Strikers, Standing Strong for Public Education!

Among the true heroes of last week’s education debate were Putnam County school bus drivers, who put themselves on the line to protect our public education system. Let’s take a moment to salute these patriots who put our kids and communities first.

Teachers and school service personnel went on strike last week to prevent passage of a toxic, unpopular education overhaul bill that would have drained money out of public schools. Although the bill would have also given teachers a 5% raise, school personnel refused to be bought off and compromise on charter schools or educational savings accounts that would harm our kids. And they won!

The people who took the most heat were personnel in Putnam County, where the county superintendent kept schools open. Striking personnel in this county lost pay and faced other penalties for refusing to go to work. But even under pressure, Putnam school bus drivers held the line, and not one school bus departed during the strike. They sacrificed personally, claiming no reward for holding fast to their values. But they did it for our communities and our kids, because they knew it was the only way for West Virginia to stay “55 Strong.” And that’s what being a West Virginian is all about.

Learn more about how to thank Putnam school service personnel at www.wvstrikesupport.com.