Popular Conservative Commentator Calls for Increase in Immigration to Aid West Virginia

Our roads are a mess, but Hoppy Kercheval, a conservative commentator and West Virginia radio talk show host, suggests a solution: stop demonizing immigrants and start encouraging immigration to West Virginia again to attract qualified workers.

Getting back to our roots of encouraging immigration would stop the bleeding— from out migration and a weakened tax base—that WV is experiencing right now, Kercheval argues.

He writes that in West Virginia, “employers are in a constant struggle to find, train and retain qualified workers":

West Virginia needs another wave of legal migrants who want to work hard, settle into a community and raise their families. We need to shelve the tired and unfounded fear that newcomers are 'taking our jobs.'

Immigrants built this state; it would be fitting for immigrants to help rebuild it.  

Dan LeFebvre photo | unsplash.com