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Patrick Morrisey Betrays WV Coal Miners and Their Families

Beholden to out-of-state corporate interests that spent millions in 2016 getting him elected, WV Attorney General Patrick Morrisey is using state tax dollars to support a national right-wing agenda to take health coverage away from millions of working families across America. The lawsuit, which looks increasingly threatening, would hit West Virginia especially hard, because if successful, it would also increase profits for coal companies by making it harder for disabled coal miners and their families to get black lung benefits.

As this 2017 NPR story notes:

The Affordable Care Act includes special provisions that make the process of getting black lung benefits easier for coal miners. If the ACA is repealed, gaining these benefits could become much more difficult, effectively harming a group of people that President Trump has promised to protect ...

The Affordable Care Act includes something called the Byrd Amendments. One shifts the burden of proof — instead of miners having to prove that mining caused their black lung, the coal companies have to prove that mining didn't.

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