Out of State Money Already Has Our Leaders’ Ears… Do We Want To Give Them A Louder Microphone?

This year’s legislative session many of our leaders showed where their loyalties lie. Time after time bills came up that had vast public opposition, only for the legislature to push them through because big money lobbyists rolled into their office with an argument that served special interests over the people.

One example of this is the bill that will hand control of our state’s foster care system over to managed care organizations. This is a move that will shift the goal of the system towards profit over the wellbeing of the children in the system. At a public hearing, the overwhelming majority of speakers were West Virginians who either worked in the foster care system, or parents, who opposed the bill.

After the people made their voices heard, the legislature made their priorities clear, ignoring the outcry and passing the bill anyway. This was a move that served the managed care organizations (MCO’s) that fund their campaigns (and the dark money campaigns that got them in office in the first place) over the West Virginians they represent.

Now there’s a bill on the governor’s desk to make it possible for these out-of-state special interests and PACs to donate almost three times as much to each campaign. This will just make it even easier for think tank puppets to get into office and put up more barriers to keep true public servants (who listen to us, the people) out of office.

There’s still a chance to stop this bill, which gives wealthy donors even more power. Governor Justice could veto SB 266. Call Justice now at 304.558.2000 and tell him to veto SB 622.