Our Schools are Crumbling, Yet Lawmakers Want to Give Their Funding Away?

It's appaling to hear that Sissonville High will likely be closed for two weeks because… “an old electrical panel has gone bad, knocking out heating, lights and other things.” This seems to be a common happening; our crumbling schools are making it harder all the time for dedicated teachers to do their jobs. And what suffers? Our children’s education!

Meanwhile, the Big Business lobby at the state legislature has lawmakers proposing a total elimination of their Business Machinery & Inventory property tax. You pay taxes on your property, right? Why shouldn’t business pay its fair share?

These county property taxes are what pay for, you guessed it, SCHOOLS! So while our schools are crumbling, Big Business wants to quit paying into the kitty that should be fixing them. This is just plain wrong-headed! Call your local lawmakers and tell them not to give away the money we need for our local schools!