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One presidential candidate gets serious in Kermit

Elizabeth Warren’ and ‘West Virginia’ are four words you don’t expect to see together, given how the Mountain State is seen politically as a state redder than a maraschino cherry. But on her recent visit to the state, Warren brought a proposal of substance and seriousness that respects the scope of the addiction crisis in West Virginia.


As a Charleston Gazette-Mail story noted: “Under her plan, West Virginia would receive $50 million per year… and municipalities would offer their own ideas on how to fix the damage sustained by places like Kermit.”

(By comparison, consider WV Attorney General Patrick Morrisey’s relatively meager settlement of $37 million for a decade of pill dumping by McKesson into the state’s heartland.)

It is an ambitious proposal. But ambition and scope are needed to tackle this ongoing crisis.

West Virginians look forward to hearing concrete, specific proposals from other presidential candidates on how to address the state’s terrible addiction crisis.

READ THE GAZETTE-MAIL STORY for how residents of Kermit reacted to her proposal in the tiny Mingo County town that was flooded with an obscene amount of opioIds by Big Pharma. As one local doctor put its, the town is threatened with "the loss of a generation" from the addiction and overdose crisis.