Not even a tornado could stop Mitch’s vendetta against teachers

It seems even Mother Nature was in agreement that the Omnibus Education bill was not the way to go. As the senate debated the Bill’s final passage before sending it to the governor’s desk a tornado rushed into Charleston.

In a scene that Hollywood writers could not have come up with, lights flickered and cell phone alarms started to go off. Capitol security cleared the senate chamber and urged everyone to go into the basement. 

Though the chamber was cleared temporarily, in the end the tornado passed as well as the omnibus education—which the senate sent to the governor's desk. This dark night was a fitting end to a brutal legislative fight that had been building for the past two years.

But not even this force of nature was able to keep Mitch Carmichael from pushing through a bill championed by out-of-state interests, at the expense of teachers, taxpayers and students. 

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