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Message from WV State Senator: Teachers, Be Afraid

Senate Education Chair Patricia Rucker (R-Jefferson) recently stated that she thinks “there needs to be fear for teachers in public schools. She thinks that, in addition to working long hours for low pay, in addition to serving communities in addiction crisis, in addition to using their own money to buy supplies their schools cannot afford, teachers should live in constant fear that their jobs could be stripped and handed to someone without a high school education. This is coming from someone with no experience as a teacher or parent in WV public schools.

Having witnessed first-hand the strength, power, and success of West Virginia teachers standing up for public schools, Rucker wants to quiet down their opposition to her charter schools bill during the special legislative session on education this summer. She likes when teachers are afraid and when wealthy private school interests are comforted. Her disdain for working people is right out there for the world to see.

This special session was supposed to be a sneak attack -- while teachers are out of school for the summer -- to ambush those who know their public schools are the hub of every community in WV. Rucker’s comments remind us exactly what we’re up against this summer. A state legislature leadership more loyal to Washington think tanks than their local public schools.