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Making the choice to stay clean is a daily decision


Making the choice to stay clean is a daily decision. Let’s make sure recovery organizations like The Unity Center get a fair share of drug settlement money for those attempting recovery.


The addiction crisis afflicting West Virginia and America can seem like an ongoing nightmare as it rocks innumerable families. It’s important to hear success stories like that of Mary Hess and to fund efforts that can help others like her.

Her journey into addiction began in Iowa, but she now lives in Wheeling where she works at the Unity Center, a community-based recovery center.

She has been clean for 16 years, but not without a struggle. Her story, told in a recent profile, will resonate with people and families fighting to free themselves from addiction. 

“Stick with it!” she says emphatically. “It’s a choice every day.” It’s not easy to cope with the emotions of early recovery, which is why it’s a time when relapse is likely to occur, Hess says.

“I still get stressed and overwhelmed. There are moments where you have flashbacks; you’re triggered by a memory or a smell. But you keep making the choice to stay clean.”

As more communities and families directly face the challenge of recovery from addiction, we need more efforts such as the Unity Center and more government funding and court settlement money directed their way.


IMAGE: Dan Meyers,