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Let’s declare independence from high drug prices

“It’s a free country,” we like to say. Well, how about breaking ourselves free from the ever-rising costs of the medications we need? Maybe looking northward might help.

It’s time for West Virginia and the U.S. to declare independence from the pharmaceutical CEO’s who keep raising the prices of our insulin, epipens, and other essentials.

That’s why we’re like this idea: that West Virginia could import prescription drugs from Canada, whose government actually negotiates with pharmaceutical companies to get their prices down.

It’s a quick  fix for a huge problem that is hitting most West Virginians in their pocketbooks.  An even better one would be for the U.S. to start negotiating on drug prices too. In the meantime, we hope the West Virginia legislature will stand up for importing cheaper medications and set us free from our slavery to greedy drug companies.

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