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Legislature says no raises for working West Virginians earning minimum wage

When the minimum wage goes up, most everyone’s pay increases. And working West Virginians earning minimum wage have not had a raise since 2015. Yet earlier this year, a bill to gradually raise the minimum wage to $12/hr. (about $25,000/yr) over three years didn’t get anywhere and was supported only by Democrats in the WV Legislature.


Could you raise your family in West Virginia on the state's minimum wage, $8.75/hr (about $18,000/year)? Would your life improve if you got a raise? Are you free to live a good life if you need more than one job to survive?

These are pertinent questions for so many West Virginians struggling to get by.

Another bill introduced by Democrats to peg minimum wage to the consumer price index, so that it automatically goes up with inflation, also went nowhere. So, for those earning minimum wage in the state, every year the cost of living goes up, pay remains the same, and it gets even harder to make a living.

In the last two years, the legislature has raised salaries of public employees and teachers, but has refused to help those earning poverty wages. They seemingly don't care as many West Virginians sink deeper into poverty. 

Ask your representative to support raising the minimum wage to insure that working West Virginians can support themselves and their families.

Here is a link to contact your representatives in the WV statehouse: https://openstates.org/find_your_legislator/

IMAGE: Sharon McCutcheon, unsplash.com