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Kids Deserve the Freedom to Thrive

We’re in the midst of an addiction crisis that is ravaging families and communities. But there’s hope and possibility in West Virginia’s young people. They need the support to overcome obstacles. They need the freedom to thrive.

In a recent op-ed, Mike Brumage, former director of the West Virginia Office of Drug Control, highlighted the importance of “trauma informed schools” to help kids get through the trauma of addiction or violence at home.  

And in our state’s recent hearings on education, the need for wrap-around services for kids—including mental health support— showed up as a top issue across the Mountain State's 55 counties.

Our future depends on investing in kids’ mental health and well-being so they can have the freedom to become tomorrow’s leaders.

But our legislative leaders want to hold our kids hostage. They want to bundle the funding for much-needed mental health services together with wildly unpopular proposals that would take money away from public schools.

Don’t let our legislators hold them hostage to their Washington agenda. Let’s give West Virginia kids the chance, and the freedom, to be everything they can be.

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