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Keeping Us Safe

Our government’s job really boils down to one thing. Keeping us safe. They’re supposed to provide roads that help us safely get from place to place. They’re supposed to provide a legal system to keep us safe from injustice. They’re supposed to maintain military and police services to keep us safe from those who would wish to do us harm. Almost every government function ties back into safety one way or another.

Why then, would our state legislature push a bill that would remove a legal tool that, just earlier this year, provided legal recourse to a man who was attacked and brutalized in Harrison County bar. Jospeh Kubican was knocked to the floor by another patron. Management failed to eject the attacker from the bar, and so he came back to the victim and continued to kick him while he was down. At the end of the day, the business was found liable, but since the business had dissolved, the victim was able to seek legal action against the businesses former owners.

Legislation currently in the House of Delegates would remove that option, meaning that Mr. Kubican would have had no legal recourse after the dissolution of the business. This is just another example of our current leadership showing their loyalty to big business over safety in the Mountain State.

Read more about Mr. Kubican’s case, and the proposal to take away the option he used to win over big business here.