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It’s up to us to hold elected officials accountable for corruption

Neither West Virginia's billionaire governor nor the country's billionaire president seem to think the normal rules of ethics apply to them. They both refuse to put their business interests into blind trusts while they’re supposed to be attending to the business of running our state and nation.

We deserve better.

“Trump Florida Resort Chosen for Next Year’s G-7 Summit” wrote the headlines recently. This was no surprise since hotelier-in-chief had announced his intentions at this year’s Summit in Europe. 

Thankfully, enough members of his own party found using his Doral resort (photo at left)  a bridge too far. He soon announced a different location would be found.

We’ve never had a president seek to make foreign money from his position as leader of the free world, something explicitly forbidden in the Constitution. This unconstitutional abuse of power has been mostly ignored by his party in Washington.

Likewise, the ruling part in Charleston, W.Va., has ignored—and even supported—our governor’s Greenbrier Resort for everything from his inaugural festivities to a host of state meetings. This has resulted in hundreds of thousands of state dollars flowing into our governor’s business.

We deserve leaders who work full-time for the betterment of our state and nation as our forefathers planned. 

Instead, we have a governor who took only one question at his press conference touting the recent spike in state revenue—mislabeling it a booming economy.

Journalists scratched their heads, until they learned Justice had rushed over to federal court to answer questions for hours about a lawsuit settlement for one of his coal companies.

It’s our constitutional right and duty is to hold our elected leaders accountable. That duty can best be exercised at the voting booth. 

Historically, only about 50 percent of WV citizens who are eligible to vote take this duty seriously and actually do get out and vote.

Will you pledge to get out and vote? Or will you just remain a spectator?  Reading this commentary is a good start. But take the next step and check your voter registration to make sure it's up to date and you know where to vote. Or, if you’re not registered, do that now.

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