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If WV is doing so well, why are the grocery stores closing?

Anybody who has spent any time in rural West Virginia knows people like to get together and eat. Going to Grandma’s house for Sunday supper is as part of West Virginia as singing along to "Country Roads" at a football game. 

But it’s getting harder and harder for Grandma to just get food for those suppers because the grocery stores keep closing. 

When good jobs are few and far between, Walmart doesn’t see the need to stay open in a rural community and moves its operation somewhere more stable. 

Which means some Grandmas are faced with driving 50 miles or more just to pick up basic necessities.

Thankfully, there is an organization that understands the sanctity of West Virginia communities and is working to preserve them by providing fresh food to families and residents in the community.

The West Virginia Food & Farm Coalition is trying to fill the gap in food deserts by prioritizing people, communities, and small businesses through its “WV Grocer Lab Project,” which provides financial and technical support to grocery retail projects around the state.

West Virginians can do a lot with a little, but if there are no jobs to sustain people in small communities, the grocery stores will keep leaving, and grandmas will have to keep driving long country roads to get Sunday supper on the table. In the meantime, the West Virginia Food & Farm Coalition will continue to fight for the future of West Virginia. 

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