WV Citizen Action Group Launches New Digital Communications Initiative “Always Free WV” in partnership with community leaders.

February 4, 2019 - Today marked the launch of “Always Free WV” a new digital communications initiative coordinated by the West Virginia Citizen Action Group, along with an advisory committee of local community leaders.

Always Free WV believes that to truly live up to our state’s motto “Mountaineers are always free,: able people need to be equipped to fill jobs that pay enough to take care of themselves and their families, and an economy that supports safe, healthy communities.

Recently, however, most working West Virginians have seen financial opportunity and security decline. Since 2016, most counties have lost jobs, poverty rates have risen, and the number of people without health insurance has gone up.

Always Free WV has a two part mission. The first is to make sure people across the Mountain State see what our elected leaders are doing to hurt or help Working Families in WV, and second to let West Virginians know what they can do to hold their political leaders accountable.

Always Free WV’s advisory board of community leaders includes

  • Savanna Lyons: Co Executive Director of WV Citizen Action Group
  • Gary Zuckett: Co Executive Director of WV Citizen Action Group
  • Ryan Frankenberry: Executive Director of the WV Working Families Party. 
  • Austin Susman: Digital Communications Specialist

WV Citizen Action Group is a Statewide Organization advocating for better public policy, rights of individuals, a clean environment, and a stronger democratic process in West Virginia since 1974.