Always Free in WV - Always Free WV

The West Virginia state motto is

“Mountaineers are always free”.  

But to be truly free, able people need to be equipped to fill jobs that pay enough to take care of themselves and their families, and an economy that supports safe, healthy communities.

Recently, however, most working West Virginians have seen financial opportunity and security decline. Since 2016, most counties have lost jobs, poverty rates have risen, and the number of people without health insurance has gone up.

But there has been no bold political leadership to address our state’s economic challenges. Distracted by divisive partisan agendas and disloyally attentive to big business and the wealthy, politicians have done nothing recently to help working West Virginians get ahead. In fact, we are falling behind the rest of the country.

Always Free WV has a two-part mission.

First, to report which politicians are ready to provide direct, immediate help to working West Virginians – and which are not.

Second, to let West Virginians know what they can do to hold their political leaders accountable.

It won’t be easy to turn West Virginia around. But we have the resilience and resourcefulness to make that happen – and to make sure our politicians are focused on helping future generations achieve the financial opportunity and security needed to assure that Mountaineers are, in fact, “always free”.