Have our leaders no shame in serving their out-of-state corporate backers? - Always Free WV

Have our leaders no shame in serving their out-of-state corporate backers?

All session Senate President Mitch Carmichael and his leadership team have consistently been willing to betray West Virginians by blatantly pushing the agenda of a national corporate interests wanting to shift state education funds from public to private schools.

Recently we learned that such disloyalty also extends to other Statehouse leaders.

Governor Justice, and two of the top people in his administration (Bray Cary and Bill Crouch) have contributed $160,000 to an organization called "1863 PAC". Seventy-five percent (75%) of 1863's contributors don't live in West Virginia -- and 85% of the high dollar donors.

But 1863 sure is making an impact here. The Charleston Gazette reports that 1863 PAC worked to get Roger Hanshaw elected speaker of the House of Delegates. Then it successfully advocated for the House to pass a $61M tax break to the coal industry that will further decrease funds available to invest in the children and families served by our education, health, and human services programs.

Most callously, 1863 PAC's out-of-state corporate contributors paid for advertisements designed to hurt lawmakers opposed to the Justice administration's plan to shift public dollars to a private, out-of-state company (sound familiar?) to outsource care for foster children across the state.

Why do statehouse leaders keep doing the bidding of out-of-state corporate interests? Phil Kabler of the Charleston Gazette-Mail suggests the following: the outsider money that is willing to give money to lobby for shifting public dollars into private hands is also willing to give their money to efforts to elect the politicians who do their bidding.

That is disgusting. Have they no shame in their willingness to sell out our state...?