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Greenbrier Resort Floating on Governor’s Swamp

Can you smell it? The stench of corruption coming from West Virginia’s premier resort, the Greenbrier?

In a blockbuster article by the Gazette-Mail’s Ken Ward on August 18, 2019,  in partnership with ProPublica, Governor Jim Justice’s broken promises that he would give up control of his businesses, including the Greenbrier, are laid bare.

It’s a long and detailed story of lobbyists, appointees, state employees, and Justice himself making decisions designed to benefit his bottom line. In short, it reveals a swamp of corruption in the mountains of West Virginia. 

Always Free WV supports clean and effective government. When politicians make  decisions based on what will affect their own or their donor’s pocketbooks instead of the good of the people of West Virginia, we want you to know. 

We will reference this Greenbrier expose in upcoming stories. We encourage you to read the article for yourself. And stay tuned as we point out what we think is most outrageous and must be addressed by legislators willing to holding Justice to account and to prevent such behavior in the future.

Corruption not only benefits greedy people and corporations, it limits the freedom of all West Virginians to compete on a level playing field.