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Don’t Take Away our Health Care Coverage

Why does West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey want to take away coverage for pre-existing conditions guaranteed by the Affordable Care Act (ACA)?

Morrisey joined other Republican attorneys general in a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the ACA. Now President Trump’s Attorney General has joined him to try and take away coverage from millions of Americans and hundreds of thousands of West Virginians.

In 2014, Democratic Governor Earl Ray Tomblin expanded Medicaid to cover more working West Virginians. Now, with most of the money coming from the federal government, 164,000 more West Virginians are covered by Medicaid in small towns all over our state.

This has strengthened our rural hospitals and clinics and created many new health care jobs. It is also improving the health of West Virginia families.

The ACA mandates that private insurance companies must cover pre-existing conditions such as diabetes and cancer. They also cannot put caps on annual or lifetime coverage, annual out-of-pocket costs are limited. And they must allow children of insured on health plans until age 26. Preventative check ups are free and mental health, including treatment for addiction, is covered.

These are benefits that none of us wants to lose. That is why it is so important that every person who runs for office is asked if they support the right of all West Virginians to affordable health coverage.

Why don’t Senator Shelly Moore Capito and our representatives in Congress tell Attorney General Morrisey to drop his lawsuit against the ACA and stand up for West Virginians?

Ask them!

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