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Court case yields fresh data on source of opioid abuse crisis

Tracing the corporate malfeasance behind pouring a tsunami of opioid drugs into West Virginia is key to understanding who should pay for the ongoing costs as West Virginians stand up and take care of each other and their communities in the aftermath of this ongoing tragedy.

A court case announced in Ohio may help bring some clarity to who at the corporate level is partly responsible for the opioid abuse crisis that has so devastated family and community life in West Virginia. 

The Associated Press reports that a Cleveland judge has ruled that there is no basis for shielding older data about opioid drug distribution held by the federal Drug Enforcement Administration.

A look at how the opioid crisis grew and spread, the article notes, “may be much clearer soon after a federal judge overseeing nearly 2,000 lawsuits filed against manufacturers, distributors and retailers of prescription painkillers ordered the release of data showing where those drugs were distributed nationally before 2013.”

We look forward to seeing more reporting on this case as West Virginians wrestle with taking care of families and communities affected by the opioid abuse crisis.

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IMAGE: Ihor Malytskyi, unsplash.com