Corporations pay less in taxes as WV college tuitions rise and enrollment plummets

As 2019 legislative leaders consider reducing corporate taxes yet again, declining funding for colleges and universities has degraded our schools and led to declining student enrollment.

Shockingly, a majority of four year colleges in West Virginia have experienced an enrollment decline of more than 15%, while the state's flagship universities, Marshall and WVU, have experienced nearly a 10% decline in enrollment. (Source: Charleston Gazette Mail)

The drop in enrollment has coincided with significant funding cuts to higher education initiated by Governor Justice and the state legislature in recent years. These cuts have diminished the quality of higher education in our state, while forcing our state's youth to pay astronomical rates for college tuition.  West Virginians need to call on Governor Justice and the state legislature to stop the cuts and begin to invest in higher education once again.

If West Virginia hopes to put our state on a path to prosperity, we must fully fund our institutions of higher learning and reverse these recent degrading trends. Together, we can strengthen our four year colleges and universities, make the necessary investments in our state's youth, and provide affordable college tuition to our citizens.