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Congress Must Not Betray Coal Miners

In West Virginia, coal isn't just a fossil fuel. It's a value. Coal stands for bravery, sacrifice, and loyalty.  But the loyalty and sacrifice coal miners have given their communities has not been reciprocated by coal mine owners. They don’t care about miners who have risked their lives for centuries to bring coal out of the ground. 

Another mine has announced it is closing in West Virginia. Yet Congress still has not acted to protect miners’ pensions. Nor has Congress adopted carbon capture legislation, which would clean the air and make coal a desired energy source again.

Any and all attempts to help coal miners transition to more stable and lucrative industries are shot down by a Congress that resists doing anything good for West Virginia.

Coal will always be a crucial part of West Virginia, because coal miner values are stitched into the state's fabric. It is time for Congress to take heed of those values and stand up for West Virginia by standing up for coal miners.

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