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Charter Schools and ESAs: A false bill of goods for rural West Virginia

Senate president Mitch Carmichael and his supporters say that the education omnibus bill would give kids options in counties where schools are struggling. But kids in poor and rural counties, which are struggling the most, would actually get the least benefit. It’s clear where these politicians’ loyalties really lie -- not with rural communities, but with private schools for the rich, who want to siphon off our tax dollars into their own pockets.

The bill calls for Education Savings Accounts, which would allow public money to transfer to families to pay for private schooling. But the amount that families would get would only be enough for 22% of the tuition at West Virginia’s largest private school. And West Virginia’s private schools are mostly in richer and more populous counties, not in the counties where educational improvements are most desperately needed. So tell us again, Mitch Carmichael -- how exactly would this bill benefit ordinary kids in our rural state?

Looking around the country, there’s little doubt -- Charter schools and ESA’s were made to help rich city dwellers, and the State Senate has gotten on board with that. We need lawmakers who are willing to invest in our education system, instead of dismantling it and lying about who would benefit.

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